Our Safety Policy is well documented. Take a look and see for yourself!

- All employees will follow these safe practice rules, assist safe operations in every way you can, and report all unsafe conditions and practices to your supervisor.

- All employees will be given frequent accident prevention instruction.

If you are known to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you will not be allowed to work.

- If you are known to be so tired, ill or upset that your ability or alertness is impaired enough to expose you or others to injury, you will not be allowed to work.

- Make sure that all guards and other protective devices are in place and correctly adjusted, and report deficiencies promptly to the supervisor.

- Horseplay, scuffling and similar acts that tend to endanger the safety or well being of other employees are prohibited.

Plan ahead and be sure that adequate supervision is available when working with equipment or handling heavy loads.

- Do not handle or attempt to repair any electrical equipment, machinery or air/water lines unless this is your job or unless you have received instruction from your supervisor in safe practices to be followed. Think Safety.

- Practice good housekeeping at all times.

- Supervisors will hold regular safety meetings, which all employees will be required to attend.

- Report all injuries and near misses promptly to your supervisor so that arrangements can be made for medical and/or first-aid treatment.